Re Zero Starting Life in Another World Episode 25

  Title:  However, It's Just a Story

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  • Mystk

    holy shit dis gon be good – ready your anuses people

  • Rem-Chan

    plz papa
    no cliffhanger :H

    • ayoub laarouchi

      huge cliffhanger incoming

      • dra6o0n

        What’s actually interesting is that you won’t see the (two) sin archbishop in the next season until the very end then, there’s a pretty big gap in the timeline until then.

        Yes. It’s everyone vs two STRONGER bosses.

    • ayoub laarouchi

      and you going to be real mad after this ep something happens to rem so get ready

  • AlexH

    I’ve peppered my angus and everything. i can’t wait

  • Jerome Timpug

    i been reading post they keep saying they mess up the ending hope its all lies

    • … thanks for spoiling it buddy

      • Jerome Timpug

        how the fuck was that spoiling i have 0 idea what even happened im not even sure if all thing things that i saw that people saying the anime is ruined true ……

        • chill buddy i was joking

          • Jerome Timpug

            kk thought you were serious i was like WTF DID I EVEN DO ? XD


  • Itachi

    6 minutes left yet why does it feel like 6 hours!?


    • 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…

  • Tariq Kandil

    Where is the episode?

    • philpar99

      I cant watch it either

      • Tariq Kandil

        This is so annoying

    • Inko Chan

      why isnt it there?

      • Tariq Kandil

        Wish I knew

        • Inko Chan

          maybe its all just a prank! i mean i never watched anything here

  • -João’Silva

    … why put a countdown if it’s not doing anything?

  • Crash this site as an active rebellion against the wait!!!

  • Itachi

    does the episode load for anyone? a lot of people including me can’t see the episode.

    • Cooler1348

      Nope I’ve had to refresh the page and wait forever still not working ..

    • Cooler1348

      All it shows is the same stupid trailer for the series

    • Jerome Timpug

      nope and the youtubers are currently watching it but i cant watch it damn i want to watch it now !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jugaru Marius


  • Fae Queen

    I only see the trailer.

    • Inko Chan

      me too

  • Tariq Kandil
  • Tariq Kandil

    I give up. Its on in like an hour on kissanime by the way.

  • Toad
  • bartek lis
  • nekorawz

    i’m waiting and just watch countdown time from 30 minutes ago till now…and wtf….what i watch? just a review?

  • bartek lis
    • Jerome Timpug

      you are god send tnx man

  • MinekoChan

    O my gog! I really don’t understand everyting!

  • billy bob


  • Rem-Chan

    Anyone know date’s for season 2?

  • TheMythof Feminism

    That was horrible, Emilia is a flat, boring, undeveloped trash character.

    Fuck Emilia… I was hoping we’d get more Rem and that we’d get precisely this scene but with Rem. The author did such a bad job presenting Emilia that this ending is very unsatisfying.

  • bobblenuggets7

    Alot of people can’t watch it, because it usually takes about 5 minutes after the countdown is finished for the episode to load.

    • Randy Wren

      Its working for me now just refresh/close and reopen tab

  • Randy Wren

    pretty generic ending but is there going to be a 2nd season??? I want to see the conquest ensue and learn more about Subaru Natsuki!

  • Itachi

    ok just seen the episode. SPOILER ALERT for anyone who is having problems loading this episode.

    Good ending I am glad it was not a cliffhanger as that would have drove me insane.

    Can’t believe season 1 is over though. It would probably be a year till season 2.

    Emilia should have told Subaru she loves him or kissed him at least, I mean come on he deserves something.

    And did Rem get erased?! I must have missed that part!


      rem didnt get erased she just back to the capital because the battle with the hakugei

      • Itachi

        I am so glad then. A lot of people are commenting that she got erased but that did not make any sense.

        • Bob

          Wait till season 2 comes out

        • billy bob

          She was erased like 5 episodes ago with the first contact with the white whale.

          • dra6o0n

            No, she wasn’t erased by the whale.

            The Hakugei (white whale) was related to Gluttony, but the Sin Archbishops aren’t mabeasts.

          • JokerFace

            He reset after being killed by that one peddler who kicked him out the wagon then got ate. he then proposed they leave and she said no, confessed love and all that. then they fought the white whale and she lived through it. she’s still alive. she’s also the one who shot Subaru up at the whale on ice after Wilhelm killed it right after that

      • Speedfire2

        Dude sorry to say that we cant just say that, if we were to make a guess with no idea of the ending then yes we could say shes at the capital but who said that the White Whale is the only Mabeast that can erase others?

    • Wishy the Star


      From what I heard, she may have actually been erased. After Subaru confessed his feelings in the web novel he mentions Rem, and Emilia asks who that is. But the conversation doesn’t go that far. I guess it would be better if they started off the next season with that, rather than having a dark ending.

  • stan cornel

    What about new season ?

  • AlexH

    beautiful, 10/10 ;-;

  • 乍丹呂呂回卞亡廾丹几.

    Holy Fricken Hell. This episode was worth all the cliffhangers

  • Dimitris Skoteinos


    • billy bob

      kissing is gross ! :^)

    • つぐみ

      See ya. Seriously, I expected a kiss too. HOWEVER thinking about it, a kiss would be too much because the relationship after a kiss just moves too fast.
      I love their relationship because they are steadily improving it. And steady relationship often last longer.
      I guess this is why I just didn’t like Kirito and Asuna’s relationship in SAO. It was rushed af.

      • dra6o0n

        No, it’s because Emilia is a ‘half elf’, note that she never mentioned anything about her past, as if she’s a blank page that’s recently became a character.

        There were references in previous episodes talking about the 100 years.
        There’s a reason why Subaru keeps saying he’ll wait for an answer, because Emilia right now is like a child (ep23, when she was fighting, note her manner of speech as if she’s a super heroine, who the heck says ‘thank you for being defeated’?).

  • Rami Mhaouchi

    Is there coming a season 2

    • Rem says season 2 is confirmed.

      • Rami Mhaouchi

        Okey thx rem-Sama

  • Narutouzumaki Saikrishna

    @25:46 …..
    I think the anime signed off with another cliffhanger of word-suspense… if u get what I mean

    • Erik Cressy

      nah i think he said the episode title “thats all this story is about” re watch it at 25:40

  • calcyss

    Can i flame about how there is no kiss scene?
    ffs xD

  • Wishy the Star


    For people who think they skipped a scene, they didn’t. Subaru and Emilia’s conversation ends before Subaru could even mention anything.

    • dra6o0n

      When Subaru was talking and the sound cut off, that’s a hint to the start of the next season.

      A plot to start the next ‘goal’ for Subaru.

  • I’m glad there’s no cliff hanger at the end.
    And I really feel bad for Rem ♥
    Nice Story tho, Can’t wait for the next season.

  • つぐみ

    So many chills from this anime. Only good anime can give me chills like these. There are still many things unexplained. Also, we still don’t know how Subaru got transported into this ridiculous world. I hope that it’s not just all a dream, and Subaru was actually lying in bed all this time thinking about the regrets of the choices he chose in the eroge/light novel called “rezero”
    The “witch” inside subaru is also unexplained.
    I hope for another season, but I just don’t think it’s possible. They made this ending so well done, it’s hard for me to see a season 2 fit in as a sequel..

    • dra6o0n

      Season 2 is very possible, Re:zero caused a huge huge huge huge response from the internet community. Bigger than SAO lol.

      The huge explosive popularity means the author has to work even harder to make sure his LN plot is top notch for future use in the anime and manga.

      These kinda of light novels are well known to be ongoing for a very very lengthy period of time, completed LN series consist of very very long plot that may even tell of a protagonist’s grandchildren’s main story in order to conclude the series.

      The biggest question is whether the plot is interesting enough to avoid watering down the series.

  • Marx Rhett

    I really want there to be a kiss scene, but at the same time, rem’s speech also deserves a kiss scene. So Quite frankly it feels right neither of them got it, but rather I think it was even more beautiful that instead of kissing, they would rather wait for the moment when the person they love fell for them too, which I think is a much stronger feeling that has me almost crying.

    • dra6o0n

      Emilia is a 100 year old half elf, she has never felt any intimate feelings for anyone, and does not know the meaning of love, she’s basically like a doll that took 100 years to act like a human.

      Or in other words, if 100 elf years is like a 10 year old, she’s basically a child in the body of a woman.

      • Green D_Eye

        if you want to go by that logic then thank about this. the mind if very fickle and surprisingly easy to change. if we want to new what age she is. lets say that the slothful guy was 100 or 28(because of his power) for all that happen my idea of him is he had the smarts to get a brain mashed main character back to senses and the way he keeps obsessing over a witches book and the way he has a army. and the major one his final scene of him reaching out for the book. h
        he would haft to be 35 or more years old to get the magic for his power.
        he would haft to be 10 or 5 years old for something good that happen.
        he would haft to be 14 or 18 years old to express your feelings.
        and finally how to dug your judge your surroundings. 10 to 12 years old.
        for getting the army together. he dos not need himself to gather people. as long as there are people that are afraid of him or look up to him. he can make them thank that they can’t died. so my for him is ruffly 21 years mentally.

        For Emilia for lack with socially speaking the amount of work she dos and the bad pass she has and the meany bad experience with people. I would have to say she is around 35 or 25 years mentally.

        • dra6o0n

          Wrong. Since the series is over and the 2nd season won’t be around for a while, It’s safe to say that Betelgeuse used his body possession ability to live as long as Emilia.

          A witch cult has ‘fingers’ which basically means it lets them ‘transfer’ their soul to their finger each time the leader dies. But this doesn’t mean they don’t age or is immune to death or illnesses, they are still human in a sense.

          So what generally happens is that they use their Gospel to basically ‘act’ out the future that is written in them, when Subaru ‘wrote’ into the Gospel, he basically ‘overrides’ the book’s ending, or in a sense ‘re-wrote’ the user’s life.

          This is why Betelgeuse was confused and said ‘what are you’ to Subaru, because he’s not mentioned in the Gospel. The events that basically is played out up till they ambushed Betelgeuse, is written in the book. But Subaru’s intervention skewed the timeline to a different future.

          • Green D_Eye

            nice to chat with you dra6o0n.
            What we know about Betelgeuse
            1. he has magic to make hands and a body
            2. he can take over people body’s
            3. he is obsess with the witch.
            4. his treasure is the book.
            if he was trying to use Emilia as a catalyst to bring the big bad witch to the physical world to us his power with the knowledge he got from his research.
            for one who came up with the idea to possess someone, who gave the power to someone how can die and still breath and who was the person that met Betelgeuse in the dimensional plane that look close too his invisible hand.
            to me everything that’s giving me this idea is the reason the witch has her power is she alone.(ill say more in the end)
            Betelgeuse has the power as his own(or others) but there might be a limit but we don’t fully understand it. he has the ten “fingers” or more. he gave a hint about it when he took over Subaru and no one else. he might of said “I found a body suitable to my own.” !!!!!!!!!! O’O?
            did that mean Betelgeuse body wasn’t his own and he is in a different body over time.
            if the witch is the one how killed the others it made me wounder with the power that is going around was the witch gust some ordinary person the got the witches body and took he knowledge and got more power and went power hungry and went after the other for more power.
            that is just my idea. you don’t need to agree.

          • dra6o0n

            Betelgeuse is as old as Emilia, he actually is written in the wiki to be explained that he originally was not mad, until he killed his friend.

            The Re:zero universe as a story, is only partially explained.

          • Green D_Eye

            ok thanks

      • Green D_Eye

        and yes she is a half elf

  • laroondynasty

    Is satisfied,but where is my Rem-lin ?

  • Mystk

    where’s rem :((( I luv her

    • dra6o0n

      Who’s Rem “again”? Literally for a 2nd time in one season.

      No whale this time.

      • JokerFace

        Rem survived the battle. His save point was moved up from there as well. if im not mistaken she was either sent back to the capital or stayed behind because she was hurt really bad

  • JamesLalala

    Not fair for Rem

  • No

    Does anyone think it will cut to modern day some episode

  • Christian Dakota Smoot

    Subaru: I love you, Emilia.


    Rem: SEASON TWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Green D_Eye

    for someone that was at the very bottom to have the chance to walk his own road. if you give him/her that make you mess human and not counting magic, not eating, or no need for sleep. if its returning from the dead or going back from time. Or the big one that was shown was taking over someones conscience and get rid of your idea of you being human. if there is no take if there is no line if there is no meaning to it them why bother and thank of yourself as a god that shouldn’t be in this plains of existence.

    i love this anime for what it has for what it gives. for all the different ways each person can act with one person first impression. i love the idea for giving him not that much power and a rare one that barely used. i say for certain he is 95.5% human.

  • Can we all just cry because no announcement for another season has been made?
    @marxrhett:disqus @greend_eye:disqus @disqus_dDTy2tzrsa:disqus @dra6o0n:disqus @disqus_Qrk6t1E4Xt:disqus @jerometimpug:disqus @narutouzumakisaikrishna:disqus @erikcressy:disqus @disqus_EifdGjY4L6:disqus @christiandakotasmoot:disqus @calcyss:disqus @disqus_8HsRgzhL75:disqus @ayoub_laarouchi:disqus @disqus_5Z6UUUKW8m:disqus @jameslalala:disqus @MystkBeats:disqus @disqus_as83z5ILS6:disqus @laroondynasty:disqus @disqus_tYSfC3rUgh:disqus @palshu:disqus @wishythestar:disqus @ramimhaouchi:disqus @mafumafu_fuwafuwa:disqus @dimitrisskoteinos:disqus @disqus_S5uMar1ZF6:disqus @disqus_16aGACg9EM:disqus @disqus_mnQhAmFSLY:disqus @stancornel:disqus @enrico_chiesa_pratama:disqus @disqus_DbDqoKEAk3:disqus

    • Itachi

      How long is it usually for announcements of more seasons to be made after a season ends?

      • Onii-Tan

        Usually less than 6 months. Some scenarios it’s longer, but more often than not they know if they’re gonna make a season 2.

  • Meta

    Well guys I’m died

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