Re Zero Starting Life in Another World Episode 24

  Title:  The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Most Valuable Knight

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  • Christian Dakota Smoot

    I need it now.

  • IFLA2016

    6 h left

  • Rem-Chan


  • LET’S GO!!!!

  • Christian Dakota Smoot


  • IFLA2016

    hmm i thought i saw 6 h :[

  • Do you think this girl has it too hard? Shes dies at least four times.

    • つぐみ

      But Subaru obviously died more times.
      Rem is my favorite girl though.

  • ɾcoɹᴉɯ


  • 10 minutes bois

  • Havy AMV


  • Christian Dakota Smoot


  • MNPGames


  • Dont you cry no more

    well i want my epizode nowwww

  • MNPGames


  • John Aron Zulueta Palermo


  • John Aron Zulueta Palermo

    Welp it’s still good that they extended the anime a bit to exeed 24 episodes 😀

  • Havy AMV

    Last episode remain

  • Claudia Elizabeth Ellienor

    when you realizee the episode didn’t evolve anywhere and u need to wait again for next episode

  • Claudia Elizabeth Ellienor

    when u realize there’s only one episode left

  • Magmuma

    shit. only one episode left. how are they gonna make it. i really want S2 now pray it not like attack on titan. please

  • Dan

    They are really stretching those episodes. And it is repetetive trial-error with perfect execution the last time around. A shame it misses on the great truth – you always sacrifice something to get something else.

  • つぐみ

    In this save data, those two haven’t made up yet, but that ending. This feels great, when Subaru makes friends and is accomplishing something.

  • spoop skeletal

    finally got a good ending.
    shit was so cash.

    also i’ve found a perfect way to describe this series
    charisma-only character: the anime.

  • WishItWouldComeOutSooner

    I’m pretty sure they are going to make like 50 episodes, there only at the end of chapter 3 or 4 and I know there is at least like 6 chapters.

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