Re Zero Starting Life in Another World Episode 23

  Title:  Unscrupulous Sloth

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  • Narutouzumaki Saikrishna

    Waiting for the reason for Ram’s new behaviour….

  • Anime Xtra

    13 more hours !!

  • Mystk

    9 hours! <3

  • Remuuu

    last 2 episodes after this huehuhe

  • ayoub laarouchi

    here is the preview for anyone wanting it

  • Souleaf

    We’re gonna have to wait like a year for next season after next two episodes… Rip.

  • Rem-Chan

    Can Someone Tell me,why it isnt loading?

    • Souleaf

      Try now. 🙂

      • Rem-Chan

        Much love 😀




    wait.. “my witch” wuuutttt

  • Souleaf

    That ending omg.

    • John Aron Zulueta Palermo

      i agree omg pls gimme more episodes

  • Fima Treiger

    fucking shit fuck that fucking ending what the shit

  • caesar Wolf

    i wonder when and where he wakes up this time, i hope its fairly close to the time he died again.

    • Joe

      sorry for the spoiler, he goes back to before originally fighting beteguese ( when they got the book)

  • Magmuma

    Fuck you betelgeuse you bitch. you fucked up everything.

  • Jesus Rivera

    He should have NOT touched that cult book…. He should have destroyed it, that’s where he messed up! >_<

  • God Tier


    • Claude Gomes

      Wish they give you an option to purchase an entire season instead of waiting for each episodes. But like wise it would get leaked

  • Itachi

    They should have trapped whoever’s body he possessed and then locked him up somewhere.

    • IFLA2016

      he can kill himself though

      • Itachi

        they should put restraints on him then

  • And where is Rem in this episode?

  • Kazue Chan

    and again die and repeat

  • Souleaf

    Tfw you gotta wait another whole week to find out what happens next.

  • shanedragonsteel

    i want ep24 now or atleast a preview

  • digimanmon

    Where rem? I must have missed something.. She wasn’t in the last episode too.

    • Claude Gomes

      She stayed behind to get treated

  • つぐみ

    I hope he saved after he defeated the whale. But theres only a few episodes left so maybe they wouldn’t go that far back.
    Good plot twist, but there was really no way to get subaru back?! It’s the same exact body possession I seen in other anime yet this one was solved with death.
    I felt sad for Emilia, she has nice instincts to notice something has happened to subaru.
    For betelgeuse to say that Subaru has a nice body.. I’m still under suspicion that Subaru can use unseen hands

    • Claude Gomes

      I hope they show a little more before it goes back…like Emilia reaction to his death

  • milkbox46

    oh snap

  • Henry Shao

    How did Betelgeuse get into Subaru’s body? I watched the episode a few times but couldn’t catch when the possession took place.

    • AlexH

      right after felis tells subaru to go to emilia

  • O Level Maths

    It’s that damn gospel

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