Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 24

  Title:  The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Most Valuable Knight

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  • AnimeGamer


  • AnimeGamer


    • frizz

      I am pretty sure that there are gonna be 25 episodes

      • carnivoruspnl

        dont forget that it started at ep 0 so this will be the last

        • mirkan is on mars

          nope there will be 1 episode left after this one

          • carnivoruspnl

            this starts at 1 and ends at 25
            25 episodes total
            this website has an episode 1.5 and others have an episode 0
            making this (24) the last one

          • frizz

            but that means… no more rezero to keep me motivated in the week 🙁

          • carnivoruspnl

            sadly, yes…

          • frizz

            but wait a second, looking into that link you sent, this episode is “The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Most Valuable Knight” (24) and “Tada Soredakeno Monogatari” (25) airs on the 19th

          • carnivoruspnl

            oh yea i forgot that ep1 was a double length episode split into 2 parts…
            i just thought they would count it as 2 episodes

          • frizz

            Which means that there is still hope! *tears form in eyes*

      • AnimeGamer

        there is i was just saying for when it came out sry

  • AnimeGamer

    Will they be making a season 2 ya think

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      they would be stupid if they wont do a second season i mean just look at how popular season 1 is i bet they have earned lots of money even from the ligh novels etc so i thikn there will be a second season for sure ^^

      • Michael

        in my opinion you are thinking the wrong way, i agree that the characters and the storyline are brilliant but i think if they were to make a second season they would just butcher all of that. I hope it just stays as one season unless they get a new MC and a new storyline but maybe a few years after Subaru makes a big impression on the world, like he has a legend made around him or something.

        Edit: By new storyline I mean dont have it too similar to season ones storyline.

        • ayoub laarouchi

          hey you read the web novel fucking great they wouldn’t butcher it at all

          • Michael

            hey I don’t understand what you are saying please use basic english such as commas and full stops, right now i do not understand whether you are against me or on my side so please be a bit more helpful.

          • NotHow ButWhy

            English may not be their first language

          • ayoub laarouchi

            im lazy and that was at night so here is what i meant

            hey *have* you read the web novel *it’s* fucking great they wouldn’t butcher *the first season if they made another one*

            there you go i tried my average

          • Michael

            ok thanks, i havent read the web novel i was going to wait until the anime finished, and thanks for going through the trouble of writing the comment again.

          • john

            They still have a lot of story that they haven’t touched i believe there are like 3 more arcs in the light novels

          • Michael

            yes i thought of that, I’m not trying to insult any1 here but i still don’t understand what he was trying to say in the first place.

          • 1124Meteor

            Where could I read the web novel?

        • Bruce Coolass

          they need 2nd season because there is massive plothole we have not known yet

      • Deadpool

        some popular anime doesn´t have a second season. by judging of the plot of anime where how it ended or depended on the creator, director or stuff. common reasons are, doesn´t have a budget unless if they got a pretty good sales by releasing blu-ray video, dvd, manga/light novels. it takes 6 months or years before announcing a next season of anime and start making a second season.

        • frizz

          The creator said that he wants to do a second season, and some animes get their second season quite fast, like gate, for example

        • silentb


      • lel

        Yeah man, I bet their earning a shit loads from this anime, especially from all those bootleg sites like this one.

        All those other popular animes that didn’t do a second season cause’ producers were so stupid afterall, and was ruined by sites like crunchyroll who as we all know, keep most the profits for themselves

        p.s. even if the novels are extremely popular, why would they waste their profits on a potentially unprofitable anime? That makes no sense. Novel popularity and profits mean nothing to making an anime.

    • mirkan is on mars

      after watching this there will be 1 episode left

      • carnivoruspnl

        nope this is the last…
        it started at ep 0

        • Lost Feelings

          no it started at episode 1, but i was twice as long so it was cut in 2 episodes on some sites

    • Lost Feelings

      Wel they almost used every novel material there was so we have to wait for some time though

  • Plutonium Passion


  • Alleli Rivera Anzures

    cant fcking wait

  • mirkan is on mars

    2030 seconds,2029 seconds,2028 seconds,2027 seconds,2026 seconds,2025 seconds,2024 seconds,2023 seconds FUCK

  • paolo santos

    9minutes left

    • ayoub laarouchi

      6 : D

      • paolo santos

        5 XD

        • Bookworm

          3 !!!

          • DIEHARDFAN <3

            the count down got me excited though XD hahah lets enjoy this! episode

  • Whoever
    • ayoub laarouchi


  • silentb

    So pumped 4 it
    2 mins


    the count down is already done where is it?

    • NotBrad


      • DIEHARDFAN <3

        i keep refreshing the website but it still Preview though

  • Dodo

    the countdown is done, now what

  • =D

    give ep now

  • Bane

    “Tada Soredakeno Monogatari” (ただそれだけの物語) September 19, 2016
    Last episode

    • レム -リン

      “It’s just that kind of story”


    yyeeess!!! hahaahahha

  • Remuuu

    felis bites Subaru’s ear. now my dick is confused

  • Stanime306

    Ah this episode didn’t progress enough, need more. Good episode but slow pace annoys me

  • frizz

    episode was over so quickly…


    guyssss!! are you excited to the last episode and wait for season 2 to come up !

    • ThatOneGuyWithTheLongName

      But nobody came.

    • Thisisit


  • Remuuu

    ayy yeaaah the title really suits it. the self proclaimed knight and the best knight. even though reinhard is the best knight Subaru and Julius is just so good working together

  • Remuuu

    huehueuhuehue season 1 is almost over

  • レム -リン

    Damn wasn’t as good as I thought it would be

  • Remuuu

    atleast Subaru and Julius relationship got better hahahaha

  • Mrills

    When the season comes, see your self, don’t *ucking argue

  • Remuuu

    spoiler: Yes, Rem had her memory and name eaten by the Bishop of Gluttony during arc 3, and no one remembers her except Subaru, but her body is still there (shes in a coma). So even though Ram doesn’t remember Rem, she see’s the similarities and Subaru, who is unaffected by Gluttony’s authority, can confirm that Rem is Ram’s sister, Ram still has some sense of responsibility to protect Rem. (arc 4)

    Rem was the one who wrote the text so it disappeared
    so the content of the letter never existed.


    • TheKittycat

      Why. WHy the fuck did you do this to me.

    • Jerome Timpug

      kk tnx for spoiling it for me ……………..

    • Random Shit

      fuck you dude. why would you do that.

      • Remuuu

        fuck you too 😀 why did you read 😀

  • Remuuu

    while on the road rem and crusch was attacked hueheuheu rem’s memory and name was eaten while bishop of gluttony only ate crusch’s name(memory) that’s why they received blank letter cause rem’s existence was removed, rem was the one who wrote the letter.

  • Souleaf

    This episode is amazing!

  • Rick Bandetto

    I was starting to think all Subaru has to do is bite his fingers and he will be able to use that power to

  • Quoc Viet Nguyen

    knight of fate and Knight of spirit 😀

  • ★Błué RøséX★

    Lit asf??

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