Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 23

  Title:  Unscrupulous Sloth

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  • Florian Yuzuriha

    Only a few more episodes D: (and one and a half day to wait for ep 23 :/) Lets hope those last few episodes will be great!

  • AmzaK-kun

    I’m so pumped after last episode, i can’t wait ♥‿♥

  • John Curtis Bump

    This anime better not be ending as a 24 episode shipment. The show must go on!

    • frizz

      I have good news for you!
      its 25 episodes…

      • Florian Yuzuriha

        and i think there will be a second season as well in 2017/18

      • John Curtis Bump

        That’s not really good news. This thing needs to go on for a loooong time at this rate.

  • Remuuu

    the feels as season 1 is about to end in a month, then I don’t think rem would show up in last 2 episode I hope rem would show up huehue

    • dra6o0n

      Nope, at this point, Rem is sleeping beauty.

  • Nelseru Fjords
    • exoven

      Oh jeez. The funny thing is at this point I really don’t think anyone cares if they never see Emilia again, they’d rather see Rem. (It’s like Sakura from Naruto, not many like her despite being really important.)

      • Florian Yuzuriha

        Yeah I think Rem has a way larger Fanbase now too 😀 (at least i think so)

      • Liens

        Because they’re annoying and completely useless one dimensional characters only there to slow the plot down, yet were given a main character role undeservedly. Personally I found the white mage girl from FF12 to be the worst (or I guess best) example of this character type so far.

      • tom

        Rem is like Hinata, which in the end has babies with naruto :3

  • ayoub XD

    commmmm viiiiiiiiiitttttt 23 SUB ESPAÑOL

  • Dalibor Bláha

    Aaaaaaaah, i can’t wait, pleaseee come on 😀

  • Damn it not released yet


    i have go to collegue tomorrow so please fast i need to sleep

  • Haze

    is this countdown spot on to when it be watchable w/ subs?

    • Rem is my waifu


      • Haze

        sweet! after that last episode of hitori no shita i need good news…hopefully….

  • Whoever
  • AmzaK-kun

    Well….that was….interesting

  • KawaiiDevil


  • i wish i never watched this episode until the last one was released

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      Yeah i feel the same since i watched Re Zero when ep 15 was released 😀 maybe i should learn from this mistake but there were so many spoilers around the internet that i just had to watch it without getting spoilered everything before i would watch it.

  • Albert Madej


    • Albert Madej

      This is impossible… 2 Episodes left

      • Elvin Chai

        Isnt it 1 episode left since, Episode 1A and 1B is considered as 2 so yeah

        • Godly

          1a and 1b is one episode.

          • Florian Yuzuriha

            Yeah we can look forward to episodes 24 and 25

      • dra6o0n

        2 ‘epilogue’ for season 1 left… Lol?

  • Wow fuk this fingers of betelguesse, they are crazy af man.

  • Super Crawley

    Damn he died again, we where such on a good role. At times times like this I have to judge Felis sex to see if he’s really a male. GE

  • David Mera


    • spatn king

      welcome to re zero

  • Sen

    So, I’ve been reading there are a few episodes left…? Is it the end of the series or the season? I’m assuming the season, right? There are a lot of things left up in the air right now, I would be incredibly disappointed if they tried to cram it in half assed.

    • Nonono!

      The season. There’s more to the story. And this anime has a shit ton of hype and a fan base to not get a second season.

  • Stanime306

    what a great episode

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      Yeah definetely

  • boyza kabphom

    (- __-)

  • Keju Pedas

    Damn… I hate cliffhanger… ??

    • Florian Yuzuriha


  • Nick

    Felis… ;_;

  • Nelseru Fjords

    from what i understand there are only 1 ore 2 episodes left

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      There will be more 2 more eps

  • john

    WOW so where is his checkpoint now or maybe will he ever come back since the next ep is the last ???

    • Sen

      There should be another season. Also, I’m thinking (guessing) that his checkpoint would be with Crusch after killing the whale, it would certainly not be before that, and there are some mistakes that can be fixed after.

  • Florian Yuzuriha

    It was kinda hard to still keep in mind that Felis is actually a Guy at the end :*) it was so touching when Felis discussed with Julius T_T

  • Animefreakxxzz

    This is how he went inside Subaru`s body.

    • SomeAnimeNerd

      No, because that was in a previous life, if I remember correctly. After Subaru died, it would have reset anything that had happened. Sloth has no real body, thus, he cannot really be “killed”. Maybe it is possible to contain Sloth’s spirit in some sort of magical barrier, but even that is highly unlikely. Sloth having no body also explains how all of the other Fingers have the same powers of Sloth, even though they aren’t TECHNICALLY Betelguese.

  • Tsundere_Trash


  • Aram

    How did iknow that the guy was going to self destruct?

    • Aram

      I feel like a genius

  • Gabbar Ram Fernandez

    now we have to watch the witch’s cult arc all over again..

  • Animefreakxxzz

    I wonder where his checkpoint will be.He actually survived much longer than the previous episodes.

    There is a lot to learn about Re:Zero.Every time something good happens new characters and previous have to show up and bad things happy.

    This anime is soon reaching to its end.How it will look in the future “season 2” is a matter of fact.

    From the beginning to the end Subaru has evolved into a good character.When things went bad for him he did not really do much about since it seemed impossible for him to accomplish it.He has made allies of his strength to back him up whenever he needed them,He does get that much death scenes than before.Stalking Emilia before is not a usual thing he does anymore since meeting other people has taught him what life in this world really means and how it works.

  • Animefreakxxzz

    Is it me or did Subaru in the previous episode kick his ass and the other two who were with him(forgot their names) used some jutsu to make sure he got killed.How the heck is he alive???

    can they also start from point zero and re live life like Subaru?.Subaru and the witch cult actually have something in common.He is the only one who can see their mugen hand

    • dra6o0n

      You really thought the first time we saw Betelgeuse, was his original form?

      The Sin Archbishops has no real body.

      • Animefreakxxzz

        how do you find the real body?

        • dra6o0n

          Betelgeuse speaks of ‘decades’, he doesn’t have a ‘real’ body.

          How do you kill a ghost?
          Subaru has to call Ghost Busters.

  • andrew r

    yay i missed ram

  • YertyQ

    Did you guys notice? Betelgeuse can never die, and neither can the main character.

    Their powers may come from the same source.

    • SomeAnimeNerd

      Yes; I believe that Subaru was summoned to that world by the Witch. Which is why a) whenever he tries to speak about his power, the Unseen Hand grabs him, and b) its been said multiple times throughout the show that he reeks of the Witch’s scent. I think that there might be a plot twist where Emilia actually is the Witch, and Subaru is the Embodiment of Pride, something that Betelgeuse hinted at during the previous episode.

  • Jesus Rivera

    Its all because he kept that BOOK! >.<

  • Azriel

    Why the F*CK is that the way this episode ends, i mean come the fuck on i’m tired of every episode being like this.

  • Alex Rayborn

    Anyone else just love it when they say -des at the end of their sentences? it gives me the chills. Especially when sutaru-kun said it. .3.

  • asuna19

    where is rem!!!

  • Khyam Albright

    Help!!! I can’t stop crying and I think I just lost my man card

  • Nick Sunderbruch


  • Filter62

    That anime makes my brain tremble…

  • ???

    My Dick Trembles!!!!

  • AnimeGamer

    Where will his checkpoint be …. maybe in rems tits at the white whale battle (lol jk)

  • AnimeGamer

    Im gonna have to write you a ticket sir

  • 1124Meteor

    When should I expect the next episode to come out?

    • SomeAnimeNerd

      On this website, it’s usually every Sunday, around 12:00 noon Eastern US Time

  • Mystk

    well that’s new

  • Bruce Coolass

    THAT is why we need spirit artes .. to counter attack SLOTH

  • Ntogg

    where is episode 24

  • Normad

    Can’t get to ep 24… Error establishing network. HELP!

  • Darn.

  • Quagmire

    wtf he better not die and reset again or I am done with this show

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