Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 22

  Title:  Flash of Sloth

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  • john

    the moment you realise there are only 3 more episodes of re zero….

    • AmzaK-kun

      Yeah, but i think there is going to be second series.

      • Florian Yuzuriha

        lets hope for one ^^

        • Murat Can

          Well the story isnt over yet with the webnovels and the light novels only have 8 volumes yet(9th coming in september) and the anime is adapting like all of the 8 volumes i think so if a season 2 is coming out it will be in atleast 2.5 years or they will make a smaller season

          • dra6o0n

            There’s not enough light novel content to provide another season without cutting it short.

            The current 25 episodes is basically volume 1 to volume 3-4 I think, since Vol 3 ends with the fight with the Whale.

          • General

            Too damn long to wait! But oh well

          • Murat Can

            Well i may have good news though apparently volume 10 is coming in october (vol 9 in september) so maybe the volumes will come out monthly ???

        • otaku hero

          there will be a season 2 this anime is just too good too famous

  • Florian Yuzuriha

    Only 3 episodes left D: lets hope for the best!

  • Claude Gomes

    Did receive us return by death to kill the whale?

  • Claude Gomes

    Did he use return by death to kill the whale?

    • AmzaK-kun

      The whale is already dead

    • Alexander Angel Deleon

      In a way, i guess. He used it to attract the whale, so that Rem could strike it.

  • natan malaquias


  • natan malaquias


  • kobe priam

    feels gud right

  • kobe priam

    feels gud

    • AmzaK-kun

      Love this ♥‿♥

    • KafeiTomasu

      hey, that’s a cute image

    • spatn king

      they in this Episode was spirit and i think spirit of the dead and rem showed up ……

  • Tony Blaze

    2h 44mins

  • OtakuFreak788

    Kissanime says 6 hours idk about here when it comes out is it HD?

    • otaku hero


  • BlackBread007

    The timer is meant for the raw version, right?

  • otaku hero

    yay it’s out

  • Rafa Vargas

    hey, can someone explain me the last scene with RAM? D::

    • Albert Madej

      No … :I

    • Son Goku

      aa hell no!

    • wombat

      There’s more episodes coming out.

    • KafeiTomasu

      I have a feeling that….. she might be *SPOILER ALERT*
      She might be a finger of Betelgueze D:
      Not sure tho 😛

    • KafeiTomasu

      *SPOILER ALERT* I think she was the spirit *SPOILER ALERT*

    • HowDoesCS


      she thought Subaru betrayed them(Emilia’s group)

      • Claude Gomes

        Dammit just what I thought the messenger never made it….his gonna die

      • Teh Yong Lip

        too bad he didnt bring rem with him, very hard to explain anything , i have a bad feeling since betelgeuse was out, something bad will happen

  • AmzaK-kun

    Oh, what was with that last scene? Im so exited to another episode now ♥‿♥

  • Vayne Solidor

    Subaru and Julius = “my mother name is Martha!”

    • Koro Deddoman

      So Subaru is going to die again?

  • IKingI

    So there are successors to a sin archbishop

    • dra6o0n

      Basically, there is no end to them receiving the powers so long as there are candidates that can receive them. Until a sane person gets said powers and not become swayed by it (will be a important factor later on).

      • General

        You referring to Subaru I assume?

        • dra6o0n

          The Volume 8 of the Light Novel has pictures of the scenes throughout the book, and in one part Subaru gets possessed, though I am not sure of the full details what happens then.

          Besides, don’t you think it’s a bit odd that the successors keeps repeating the phrase ‘my brain trembles’?

          I think Betelgeuse jumps between multiple bodies to survive for a long time, hence the Witch Cult lasting for as long as it did. Which means the original one we see might not be his original body. Especially when he makes his eye socket bleed when he’s not even doing anything to himself physically.

  • kobe priam

    omG Ram looks cool here and i feel so unsatisfied, killing petelguese was like meh.


    Re:zero real ending was episode 21, 22:45 ???

    • Hòa Nguyen

      You mean episode 22 ??

      • kobe priam

        No! I mean this ?? the story ends here ?

        • KafeiTomasu

          ye, episode 21 made me love Rem even more
          Tho this ending makes me think something that I don’t want to think D’:

        • Claude Gomes

          TF U MEAN??? END HERE

          • kobe priam

            after episode 21 everything was just like filler XD that is the real ending

    • is the heart light?rhm?

  • Super Crawley

    I feel Pride.

  • Hòa Nguyen

    Fap fap fap fap fap, Rem Rem Rem

  • Nick

    3 more episodes to go.

  • Deadpool

    and so, Fangirls recently added another ship. subalius xD. Kill me plss!!

    • KafeiTomasu

      oh god
      OH GOD NO

  • Joshice Chryzanthem

    Ok so imma ship subaru x julius from now on because lets be honest,if rem is off the table because of retarded reasons might as well have a retarded ship. Also julius is so top.

    • davezagamer

      Subarus feelings for emilia is the same as rems feelings for subaru, still think that that is a retarded reason for subaru to go after emilia instead of rem?

      • Joshice Chryzanthem

        emilia doesnt give a single shit about subaru.not one.if he didnt he wouldnt have shipped him off.u cant compare the two ships

        • Claude Gomes

          Why the he’ll yall still talking about the feelings there’s other important thing on the table right now like a 100 of that creepy dude

          • Joshice Chryzanthem

            sloth army=cathedral of the deep

    • Kenny Espinoza

      You don’t need a reason to ship. Every ship that would be liked if they happened must be shipped. No exceptions!

      • Joshice Chryzanthem

        nah dude,im not like u fangirl filth,i got standards

        • Plutonium Passion

          Slothfulness in shipping shall not be tolerated.

    • swoozeki

      you realize Subaru is straight, and your fantasy is never going to come true, right?

      • Joshice Chryzanthem

        they have a trap character,that fantasy is possible

      • Joshice Chryzanthem

        plus its better than the current relationship premise.

  • Joshice Chryzanthem

    Ram wtf

  • Protagonist

    And I thought the episode wouldn’t end with a cliffhanger…

  • What was that at the end??

    • Ram Re:zero

      I’m gonna kidnap subaru

      • D: Oh dear lord Ram don’t!

        • Ram Re:zero

          To late he went in roswall-sama domain with soldiers it must mean he betrayed us

  • Aashad Moore


    • Ram Re:zero

      she kidnaps subaru

  • KafeiTomasu

    dang this was a good one!

  • KafeiTomasu

    that ending… Does that mean what I tihnk it means? oh god
    OH GOD

  • RSG


    • HowDoesCS

      It seems that it doenst work on things he wants to kill for example the whale, he never mentioned his return by death all he said was it killed Rem and that time it killed Emilia I think it was just Satella trying to prove something like if you tell anyone then I’ll kill someone who’s important to you. So if he were to try and kill someone with it then i dont think it’ll work. idk, just a theory

      • dra6o0n

        The effect takes place when he attempts to talk, not when he manages to get the message out.

        With Emilia, he told her that he’s going to tell her a secret, as a result Emilia is giving him her full attention, so if he said something and get the usual heart grip pain, she’ll notice that he can’t say it, so Satella would instead kill the person listening in instead as a message to Subaru.

        • Claude Gomes

          But so far it never killed subaru but I think it worked on the whale doh cuz it did squeeze the whales heart

          • dra6o0n

            Actually it squeezes Subaru’s heart like usual and his scent grows stronger.

            The claws grips a human sized heart, something like the white whale would be enormous.

  • KafeiTomasu

    I just realised Re:Zero will end in like 2 episodes

  • Persephone


  • ryan williams

    Man this ending ram what are you up to cant wait for next episode

  • exoven

    Hmm… Is that really Ram? I dunno whatever she did seems rather OP, (Bring people to another dimension OR telepathically communicate with them while blocking everyone else out (Kind of like the thing Puck did Subaru when he was teaching him about darkness.) .) Meaning either Ram trained, Ram grew back her horn, or that’s not Ram. Better yet does that mean something happened to Rem?

    • Gregory Eaton

      We don’t know all her skills. Clearly Ram and Rem are both skilled with ice.

  • Plutonium Passion

    Ram.. Why does your face say “I’m going to fuck you up”? D:

  • Koro Deddoman

    I guess they were trying to Ramp us up.

  • Normad

    What the hell was that ending?!

  • Issei Hyoudou

    Glad my bro Subaru grew a pair

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