Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 21

  Title:  A Bet That Fights Against Despair

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  • Rem4Ever

    And so the countdown starts

  • ayoub laarouchi

    25 hours left

  • AmzaK-kun

    Only 19 hours left, i can’t wait

  • Brusing33

    Ok, it looks like I’m gonna wait 18 hours here staring at the clock

  • WickedJack78

    17 hours left, time to join in on the wait and stare at my computer screen.

  • nhlberhma1762

    et nous voilà a 15 heures d’attente … merde

  • natan malaquias


  • natan malaquias


  • AmzaK-kun

    6 hours left, staring is becoming more intense

  • LueyTheElf

    My time is 7 hours

    • AmzaK-kun

      I think every country have slightly different timer

  • kobe priam

    so I’m gonna stare here for 7 moar hours? no problem tbh hahaha.

    • kobe priam

      feels gud

    • Karim Drissi

      That wallpaper ♥‿♥

    • AmzaK-kun

      Omg, i love that wallpaper ♥

    • Steins Donut

      :O Where can i find this wallpaper ? I keep searching it but i can’t find :'(

    • Nelseru Fjords

      hay fucker ur antivirus is outa date

      • kobe priam

        nope. its just a message from hp support center

  • Karim Drissi

    5 hours left ! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ Can’t wait
    ♥ Rem ♥

    • ayoub laarouchi

      fucking lucky mate i have 6 hours left

  • Dobutsu Wairudo

    6 hours left ~ <3

  • Ervin Kent Quitalig

    Can’t wait to see her again <3

    • Kazami Yuuji

      I love Rem <3
      She's so kind.

      • Florian Yuzuriha

        WE all love Rem<3
        Rem is love
        Rem is life <3

      • Elmar Sauro

        team rem bro

  • otaku hero

    3 hours left

  • Kazami Yuuji

    I worked hard today, really hard, I got really sweaty in a cold weather, this episode will be my best reward for my hardwork.

  • Mia

    30 min left ❤

  • Al-Al Hairal

    Wiped out xD

  • Ariq Prayoga

    40 min

  • Ariq Prayoga

    15 min left <3

    • ayoub laarouchi

      wtf 1 hour and a half for me

      • Ariq Prayoga

        Lmao, i just realized it was 1 hour and 15 minute

  • Ram Re:zero

    Spoilers alert

    no one important dies this episode

    • linksis33

      would the whale count?

      • Ram Re:zero


  • Lucas Travern

    can’t wait!

  • exoven

    4 Hours left to go, Goosebumps intensifies.

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      Wut ? you should be able to watch it now D:

  • Calibur


  • Christopher Vidal Love

    Is the video not working for anyone else ? it simply says ‘the video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.’

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      It works for me atleast 😛

      • Doesn’t work for me 🙁

        • Florian Yuzuriha

          That sucks :/ i feel kinda bad for you cause this episode is rly good :/ well lets hope it workds for you really soon;)

    • Cheesescrust3001

      just keep refreshing the page and trying to load the video and if that doesn’t work you close your browser and RE-open it (see what i did there XD) and then try again, if that doesn’t work RE-start (sorry, can’t stop XD) your PC, if all fail then try a different site 😉

  • Joé Pires

    the countdown changes according to your clock, if you change your time zone on your computer, the countdown will display another time. This is no reliable device :-/

  • Chris Alexander

    While we wait, Whats your guys’ favorite food?

    • Ariq Prayoga

      Dont have

      • Chris Alexander

    • Ünal Dana

      chicken schnitzel

      • Chris Alexander


        • Ünal Dana

          What is your favourite food

          • Chris Alexander

            Pancakes :3

    • Joé Pires

      Mussels and F… Belgian fries at the moment

    • Persephone

      General Tso chicken


      KFC, oh wait..

  • Whoever
    • Ariq Prayoga


    • Joé Pires aren’t as fast as they used to :(.
      Thanks mate

    • Nelseru Fjords

      no its fucken not you fuckers

  • Hisoka

    The hype israel !!

  • Hamburger

    eror ;c

  • Florian Yuzuriha

    OH YEAH 😀

    • Miguel Doriard Carrillo

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • So… Is it working for anyone?
    Any way to make it work?

  • jwbam167 .

    Wont be coming out till next week now.


    SHIP Sail again boyzzz SubaruxRem so perfect

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      Yeah i kinda cried at the end it was so f***ing touching omg <3

  • AmzaK-kun

    Super intense epizode ♥♥♥♥ 😀

  • ayoub laarouchi

    i wish next ep was here allready


      that’s why we love this anime, re zero save anime once again



    • Florian Yuzuriha


      • Miguel Doriard Carrillo

        He wouldn’t.

  • Kamui sama

    i was expecting something bad to happen at the end, thank god

    • Florian Yuzuriha

      Yeah 😀

    • Miguel Doriard Carrillo

      After the mood that was set from episode 15 onwards… it would have been foolish to expect something good, the one that happened is actually more surprising already XD

    • Claude Gomes

      Like seeing that bastard purple hair dude isn’t bad enough lol

  • Server failed!

  • Rîçkÿ Zëîñãtå Prãsétÿõ


  • Dang this was one good episode!!

  • i know this is not the time and place, just finished the episode lol and thought about this hehe

    Guys This is my channel just if you’d feel kind enough to give a little support i’d appreciate it so very much !

    Arigato gozaimasu !

    P.S. Feeling bad for asking, looks kinda desperate >.<

    • Travis Bonney

      Seems legit =P

  • zsradu

    Sooo subaru will now become one of the most important people from the city? I hope after everyone finds out that he killed the White Whale, rem and emilia will be by his side again

  • John Stuttard

    This makes me happy.

  • PunnetSquare

    One of the best Re: Zero episodes so far.

  • Kirito

    I clapped in the end. This anime never ceases to amaze me.

  • andrew r


  • cizorj

    Aww damn, looks like Subaru still got some beef! XD

  • Elvis Le

    Thank you for the treat! AHAHAHA REM NEVER CEASES TO AMUSE ME

  • AnimeGamer

    Rem is life

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