Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 20

  Title:  Wilhelm van Astrea

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  • Junnininja

    36 more hours. HERE WE GO BOYS.

    • ayoub laarouchi

      32 more hours ?

  • Maccheese

    25.59 hours! *Snorts a line* WOOOOOOOOO

  • Narutouzumaki Saikrishna

    The white whale might get slaughtered by the small troop… but what about petelgeuse?! He’ll surely take action and swat all their asses once they run outta stamina!

    Also, a day and an hour left…

    • ayoub laarouchi

      maybe roswaalor reinhard will pop out of nowhere

    • swoozeki

      “the whale wale might get slaughtered…”
      Huehuhe, let me know your thoughts after watching the episode

  • Cwispy Kurobachi

    The hype is real

    • desperado/1


      • First Rain

        good you?

        • desperado/1

          im fine i just watched all the episode today

          i need more now

    • Revilo

      Quick everyone! Rewatch episode 19 while we still have an hour!

      • desperado/1

        mine is 00:00:00

  • francisca nel


  • Tribal Nutria

    14 hours!

  • Elmar Sauro

    12 more fucking hours !

  • Мамура’ Фүрава


  • 9.5 hours to go


  • Betelgeuse

    You are truly impatient!

    • First Rain

      Isn’t your brain tingling yet?!

  • Maccheese

    *wakes up and sees countdown* i have to do this shit for five more episodes. Fuck. Most anime releases saturdays!

  • Lukas Kuzminskas

    6 more hours ! whoop whoop it’s the sound of Rem & Subaru !!

  • JustinStorm1

    Cmn. cmn, cmn, cmn

  • SnipahMann

    3 hours to go! Lets slay Gluttony!

    • lol

      6 for me 🙁

  • George Correa

    2 hours

    • lol

      how come mine is 6 hours left

      • lol

        nvm i have a diferent time zone i think

        • First Rain

          shouldn’t be different for time zones lol

  • lol

    6 more hours !

  • desperado/1

    1 hour to go

  • Florian Yuzuria

    mine says just 6 more minutes D: dunno is thats true tho ^^

    • Battlecomp cz

      same here

      • Florian Yuzuria

        lets hope that is true ^^

        • First Rain

          was it true?

          • Florian Yuzuria

            D: no it wasnt T_T why doesnt the timer show the actual time :/

          • Battlecomp cz

            i think there is some sort of delay, about one hour or so

          • Florian Yuzuria

            lets hope so i couldnt wait any longer D:

          • Battlecomp cz

            I can’t wait 😀

          • Florian Yuzuria

            Yeah i cant wait either D:

  • Ushio

    The time’s up but still can’t watch it :'(

  • Kanekki

    Okay now, where is the episode? q-q

  • Canned Muffin

    So many side characters are gonna die.

  • jwbam167 .

    I feel that hype only when I’m being forced to watch this horrible show!

    • Elvin Chai

      It isnt horrible? lmao

      • jwbam167 .

        ¯(©¿©) /¯

    • NO O Your Buisness

      then why are you here…

  • Praxant Thapa

    1 more hour to go

  • Kanekki

    Actually 1 hour and 13 minutes left

  • We’re here like

  • Souleaf

    38 minutes to go for my timer, can’t wait :3

  • Ram Re:zero
  • Ram Re:zero

    I downloaded the video from crunchy roll
    and edited it down to avoid copyright
    thank me later

    • mirkan is on mars

      FUCK YOU!

    • desperado/1


    • Bat

      It’s the episode 17, it’s just a link for getting views stats

  • Hawkey_HD



    • Jerome Jeffers

      whats that from

  • Shadow

    Omg when can I watch it already

    • Shadow

      Oh yay it works now!

  • mirkan is on mars


    • Levi Pama


  • Levi Pama

    it’s here

  • jwbam167 .

    This episode was so sad at the end v(ಥ ̯ ಥ)v. I screamed out why to the top of my lungs. ╚(•⌂•)╝

  • Rami Mhaouchi

    there is only one somoene who can take them all on and his name goku ssjgss kaioken times

    • Jerome Jeffers


  • Inspector

    3 Whales? Seriously?

    • desperado/1

      ok know it gets serious

      • Inspector

        Well that went well…

  • desperado/1

    wow dude now it nearly seems impossible to win now

  • Limbu Pratap Lucky

    The fuq !!!!!!

  • Florian Yuzuria

    How will they be able to kill them all ? D: Maybe Rem goes on rampage again and just slaughters them all maybe ^^

    • desperado/1

      i think they will recieve some help or they are gonna die and subaru will have to loop again

  • RaDiOAcTiVe

    ITS OUTTT <3

  • WubWoofBacon

    B-but where’s reinhard? >~< he could just suck the mana away from the whales

    • Call Me Princess

      Reinhard is too OP that’s why the author barely put him in fights. He is like Saitama.

  • i WorstAMVzOfAllTime

    hehe I already opened it and can watch…even if servers are down :^)

  • Call Me Princess

    Rip puppy man.

    • Cid


  • mirkan is on mars

    FUCK SERVERS already watched ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Rafael Barcelona

    why i cannot watched this episdode?

  • Narutouzumaki Saikrishna

    CALL SAITAMA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ffs the video wont load

  • Waiter Joesh

    who else is getting popup ads and video not working?

  • Marx Rhett

    I think it’s about time that the main character gets a power up. After everything he has been through, now might be the time. Or you know, Return by death broken again. Maybe some op characters come in like reinhard and ros. I am willing to bet power up though.

    • Gregory Eaton

      He already is pretty resistant to most unusual things of the world. He can be born again. He has a high affinity for hex magic. He just needs to train it and needs a proper teacher. I’m willing to bet from the two available he’ll get one of them to train him.

  • Maccheese

    GODAMN THEE. The captain and vilhelm both died! Horseshit. And now theres atleast 3 confirmed hunks of fat.

  • Junnininja

    Well, just be glad they aren’t in the United States, they’d see a lot more white whales there

    • liquidtape

      This comment is so underrated LOL

  • 1B2M

    Just saw the ending, you’ve gotta be kidding me.

  • SnipahMann

    After seeing multiple White Whales

  • milkbox46

    When does the next episode come out? could somebody link me a page or thread where I can find this info….

    • liquidtape

      It comes out every sunday at around noon CTE

  • hello m8 its me m9

    rip doggo

  • Hansode

    White whale brought some fam . Or he may have multiplied. Hopin’ subaru doesn’t loop back to his checkpoint.
    Also Rem gettin’ so much screentime to the point where you start to forget Emilia’s existence. Lmao.

    • flight2q

      Poor Felt-sama didn’t even get included in the negotiations.

  • Kartik Saraf

    Suffering. It’s what makes a Subaru a SUBARU!!

  • John Curtis Bump


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