Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 19

  Title:  The White Whale Conquest Battle

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  • kobe priam

    shit shit shit I’m so excited hahahahaha

  • SnipahMann

    my body is ready

    • Shisui the Teleporter


  • Tate Landis

    only 17 more hrs

  • Niki DM

    how many episodes left ??

    • Gundog

      25 Episodes in all i think

      • Stazzy

        Theres going to have season 2

        • Normad


          • Battlecomp cz

            I hope so

          • Stazzy


  • Mystk


  • Mystk

    only 7 more hours

  • Battlecomp cz

    Oh man, i can’t wait 😀

  • Elmar Sauro

    cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RaDiOAcTiVe

    2 hours <33

    • ayoub laarouchi

      4 hours 🙁

      • RaDiOAcTiVe


  • PrinnyGa

    4h left, I want to see my waifu ~~

  • Kazami Yuuji

    Oh no, I’m travelling after 2 hours but there are 3:30 hours left 🙁

  • Kit

    2h left

    • Kit

      Can’t wait anymore

  • Battlecomp cz

    There is 00 00 00 0 on my timer and nothing’s happening

  • jwbam167 .

    Worst anime ever!

    • Betelgeuse

      You are truly masochistic!

  • Phoenix Gear

    my body is mind is prepared its time to release the damn thing

  • Mark Sixx

    still waiting 1 in the morning, i am going to miss school for this ???

  • AndreCesarDel

    falta 1h.

  • Joé Pires

    What is the release time? The countdown has been displaying 00:00:00 for an hour or so. 🙁

    • Battlecomp cz

      Same here

  • Dragomtw


  • Bruce Coolass

    it says 40 minutes omg 40 YEARS !

    • Joé Pires

      How comes you guys see different timers? Mine says 00:00:00 whether i refresh the page or not. I don’t get it.

      • Joé Pires

        Nevermind, it’s out :O

  • Normad

    damn, that was actually quite fulfilling considering we never see anything progress… except that subaru got his shit together.

    • Gundog

      lol ikr

    • Mystk

      except him and rem :/ i cri everytiem

  • ayoub laarouchi

    yeeeeeeeeeees !!!!!!!!

  • Kougyon

    It’s time

  • Bim Getter

    biten pakshet!!!


    Dat creepy ringtone

  • A Potato

    Its the white narwall not whal narwall!

  • Junnininja


  • AnimeGamer

    Why isnt it working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a7-kun

    i just finshed watching it

  • NotHow ButWhy

    They couldn’t pace this episode any slower if they tried!

    • Asollan

      What if they did flashbacks of the guys wife and their story instead of just explaining it simply? xD

  • otaku hero

    im reaaaady!!!!

  • Senpai Eagle Eye

    its out..

  • Ram Re:zero

    ever since episode 15 i’ve been really underwhelmed

  • Son Goku


  • YertyQ

    This reminds me of Monster hunter so much, awesome!

  • Ege Aydın

    “Troops! Follow those two fools!” Best line ever.

  • megafag
    • Marx Rhett

      This video is beautifully made

    • Marx Rhett

      I take it back because of the last 2 mins of the video lol. should of finished it. still loved the first 4 tho

      • Normad

        those last 2 mins are beautiful

  • Mrills

    Me or give me another episode I can’t wait to see or make me part of these fantasy world if someone is really out there

    • Notajealousmanbutfemaleslie

      Lol wtf?..ill never let you through the portal.

  • Notajealousmanbutfemaleslie

    Not one spear..

    • Zakaria Cimer

      lol yeah I don’t know how are they going to fight it, if it decides to just stay up there or even leave…

  • hallowedfool

    I think this was a fantastic episode. The pacing was good, a decent amount of story progression happened. Subaru showed his intelligent side and finally started to get his act together. Pretty damned happy with that, can’t wait for next week.
    (I do wish he had learned to become a bit more competent with that sword earlier in the series, though. But then I also wish he’d decide to be friends with Emilia and get on the Rem train so oh well)

  • Zakaria Cimer

    “it tells me when and where it will appear” … of course he didn’t lie here XD

    • Asollan

      No, it told him the time it appeared, and because he was there it also told him where it would appear at that time. So, not a lie. Just tact

  • swoozeki

    very good episode. The hype for next episode is so real. This was the first episode in a long while where Subaru’s got his act together. I have a baaad feeling though. All those old men in battlefield… that’s just foreshadowing

    • Kitestwinblades

      I’m worried about the cult showing up after the whale fight, for whatever reason.

      • DECLINE


  • Mystk

    Who else thought the whale wasn’t gonna come hahaha lmao

    • Kitestwinblades

      The curve balls this series is known for had everyone second guessing the idea lol
      Looks like we have a pretty hype episode to look forward to next week!

      • Mystk

        totally 😉


      I actually got scared and though it was gonna be another mishap.

  • Edge Of Light

    Oh my god this show is goddamn slow… At least he finally got a grip and moved on.

  • Lukas Kuzminskas

    i was actually expecting for it not to show up lol and subaru would be balls deep into shit lol xD

  • Mystk

    you are truly slothful

  • JZ Gaming

    If this Anime ends with Subaru x Rem being canon I will be the happiest dude alive. Emilia is just, no… Rem is the best!

  • linbrooke

    this episode was so well edited! especially the scene with the ringtone and whale towards the end. The ringtone was so ominous

  • Elvis Le


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