Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 18

  Title:  From Zero

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  • Sleeping Alro

    What am I doing with my life.

    • Jklw10

      great stuff

    • Notajealousmanbutfemaleslie

      Sometimes you just need an anime to say it how its is

  • Senpai Eagle Eye

    …1 DAY..


    • WhoIsRem

      Your leaving on probably one of the best episodes thats coming out.

      • I know ._.

        • Niki DM

          is this episode the last ?

          • Souleaf

            There’s gonna be 25 episodes. 🙂

          • Nope but it’s said to be the best according to readers.

        • MNPGames

          like you CAN watch it later you know that? ^_^

      • MNPGames

        but he can watch it later? ^_^

  • Freestylex


  • Omar Elamrani

    when is the update…

  • MNPGames

    5 hours

  • Faisal Arkan


  • PrinnyGa

    4h59s, so exciting!

  • Stazzy

    I heard the episode time length will be longer…God please grant this wish.

    • D-SUKE

      Only a minute longer lol

      • Stazzy

        Some said 45 mins.

        • GangcAte

          It’s gonna be 25 minutes long. Dunno if it includes the opening/ending or not tho.

        • pewo

          25:45 mins

          • Dark Moyan

            so when?

  • Souleaf

    4 and a half hours to go.

  • MNPGames

    4 hours

  • Ravager Soris

    what is this song please? violon song

    • MNPGames

      Darude-Sandstorm violon edition.

      • Ravager Soris

        Thanks Bro!

    • Marko Subic

      black hearth – two steps from hell

  • MNPGames

    3 hours

    • Pandrux

      50 minutes <3

      • FVJohnny

        Is that how long its going to take the episode to come up?

        • Pandrux

          no in 30 min ep 18 is live in jp

          • FVJohnny

            Oh okay thanks <3 And how long does it usually take to sub and upload the episode here? Do you know?

          • Pandrux

            raw comes out at 18:30 ~ so sub should come at 19:30
            watching live now see ya 🙂
            wow 5 minutes and after that 2 min ads i dont like jp tv °_°

  • Pandrux

    This episode is boring as f.. like episode 16?
    He ask for help again, and they gonna help him to kill the whale and bettelgeuse.
    They wont kill the whale this episode, this is gonna happen next week.
    He only asks for help thats all today episode.
    Next week: They kill the whale and subaru get a new savepoint at the mansion.
    But wait, who is rem?

    • Pandrux

      wow i thought this episode he asked for help because it should be in novel but this episode is a totally filler episode so next week its gonna be another boring episode °_°

      • andinuad

        Are you serious? This was the most important episode in the whole series. It shows massive character growth in both Rem and Subaru. It also the first time it is explicitly explained why “Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World” is named like it is; prior to this it was more like returning to a savepoint, but in this case they explain why it is starting from zero.

  • MNPGames

    2 hours

  • MNPGames

    1 hour and 50 mins

  • Sleeping Alro
    Here you can watch it 1 hour earlier.
    A guy is streaming it with Crunchyroll Premium.

    • Pandrux

      i watched it and this episode is fucking boring

    • Pandrux

      this noob streamer got rekt :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • ๖ۜƦєєηα

      Welp that ended faster than expected. 🙁

      • Pandrux

        dont worry you should be happy now
        this episode is full of filler shit

        • ๖ۜƦєєηα

          Why did they make such a big announcement then? I was looking forward to it

          • Pandrux

            i dont know, i can tell u what happend this is no spoiler at all:
            puck kills both, obviously this is no spoiler at all
            after that he respawns oh well no spoiler at all
            and than he runs away with rem and all of the other episode they talk together
            thats the full 25 minute episode
            maybe you like the talk between subaru and rem but i see it as wasted time 😉

          • ๖ۜƦєєηα

            Wasn’t him running away with her part of the spin-off? I heard something about him giving up a mine to the other girls to make them help him out. I don’t mind spoilers at all

          • Pandrux

            yea he get help from other people this is happend (hopefully) next episode, and than we can wait another week so they can kill the whale finally =(

      • Sleeping Alro
    • Another “Anime” Fan

      lol that guys channel just got shut down at the 2 min mark

  • Stazzy


  • Dalibor Bláha

    Just wait guuuys 😀

  • MNPGames

    1 hour and 20 mins

  • TripleOG

    1 min left BOYZ

    • Another “Anime” Fan

      you mean hour?

      • MNPGames


      • TripleOG

        No the counter said 1 min left now 0

        • MNPGames


          • TripleOG

            now it changed to a 2 min trailer

      • MNPGames

        Sadly 1 hour and 20 mins

        • Pandrux

          for me since 1+ hour.
          it based on your time zone 😉

          • MNPGames


  • ZeroFan

    the count downs over – wheres the vid?????

    • MNPGames

      it isnt silly xD

      • KanekiM


    • MNPGames

      1 hour and 10 mins ^_^

  • MNPGames

    59 mins

  • MNPGames

    50 mins


    • KanekiM

      its on ‘)

  • Whoever

    its up on gogoanime

    • Pandrux

      ty mate
      edit: lol they removed it ?

      • Memezeem

        I couldnt find it either

    • ๖ۜƦєєηα

      Also up on

  • Sleeping Alro

    I just want to kill Subaru lmao.

    • Stazzy

      You watched the subaru and rem scene huh?

      • shanedragonsteel

        why wont he accept her love!

  • MNPGames

    the video dosent work? 🙁

    • Souleaf

      If you’re on a mobile device try switching to desktop mode, it wasn’t working on my tablet at first but I noticed it was working on my soundless laptop. It could also be that there was other people starting the vid all at the same time try refreshing a few times. 🙂

      • Branko Trpkovski

        Its not working shit

        • isaac4777


        • Souleaf

          Yeah I thought it was working for me at first it went a full minute and 27 seconds when I got it working but then the error popped up on me again. I’m now positive it’s just a server issue just like the error suggested. We’ll just have to wait for it to be resolved or go else where but I don’t mind waiting, waited a week I can wait a while longer for it to be fixed.

          • shanedragonsteel

            it worked for me , just reload until it works

          • Souleaf

            It was working for me again, I was having it buffer in while I was typing in my comment it was the others here that were having trouble getting the video to work not me. ^^; It was the page being flooded by multiple people all clicking play at once that kept crashing the video. Happened before to me on a different anime multiple times that I know when I gotta wait or find another site. 🙂

  • shanedragonsteel

    this is pry one the more bad episodes , subaru why wont you just tell them a little , like i have a curse or something? even saying that if i speak about the curse you die or i die would do more!

  • Thapsycho

    This episode wasn’t too bad i guess…

  • SnipahMann

    “I love Emilia”

    • Stazzy

      I just watched that scene,that statement,those words……………………………………………………………………………………..

      • Branko Trpkovski

        why the fuck its not working for me

        • Stazzy

          Its basically subaru and rem talking the whole 25 mins.

    • Michael Burdge

      Whose rem?!?

      • Jklw10

        re watch the whole series right now

      • Steve Zero

        not fuckin funny bro

      • Steve Zero

        just too god damn soon

      • Arusha

        oh shit, did you just?

    • Suika Nine

      There is an alternate scenario in the LN where they do run away and live happily ever after.

      Just pray that it will be released as an OVA later on.

    • Albert Principe

      love is not something u can teach… rem already know that subaru likes emilia-tan… so in frustration subaru want to run away with rem after he knows that she likes her… then after the confession of the situation… rem realize that it is unfair for her and others to be a selfish if they will run away… while running away just making your problem just extend the time but didnt solve the problem… so in order for them to subjugate the real problem… she didnt mind that subaru likes emilia but she is not giving up easily but maybe she wants subaru to learn to love her back while helping emilia-tan who is his master’s friend or niece… like striking 2 birds with 1 stone

      • Albert Principe

        this anime makes me cry like a girl… because to be frank im a pathetic guy.. but being a useless person… i learn to help others and myself to the way i cant be a hindrance.

  • Otto

    re zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu…

  • shanedragonsteel

    Rem x Subaru ! How nice the story has come with them!

    • Stazzy

      Not rlly.

  • Another “Anime” Fan

    to all of the people saying this ep is bad. Just go back to your action ecchi harem series.

    • Stazzy

      Its bad cause subaru rejected rem *SPOILER*

      • shanedragonsteel


      • Another “Anime” Fan

        tbh if i could go into the show i’d f**k him up for that.

        • Stejam

          the episode is good but the progression of the series slowed down so much

    • Jeamus

      to me this episode was half bad cuz it stretches subaru’s need to give for an entire episode like doesnt this show have 24-25 episodes and theres like 1 more arc they still have to cover after this one

  • Lukas Kuzminskas

    Ouch….I felt that one o.o poor Rem..

    • shanedragonsteel

      Its sad that rem has to stick to being the third wheel

      • Lukas Kuzminskas

        Ikr…and after all that struggle ¬¬

        • Stazzy

          I actually wanted to cry

  • john

    AAAA Why is this show soooo slowwwwww my god its killing me…. At least we got past the pussy subaru phase i think.

    • Blábláblá

      Bye-Bye pussy Subaru

      • Shisui the Teleporter

        #byebyepussysubaru #loveiswhatmakessubaruasubaru

  • Kiomaru Jpla Potter


    • Stazzy


    • War2244

      He can’ choose who he loves. He could fall in love with Rem, but I think we are past that point and he obviously cares about her but not as a GF.

    • Claudia Elizabeth Ellienor

      its because he knows emilia from the start and he has seen emilia die so many times since the beginning and it made him want to protect her

      • Cherrybomb

        he has seen rem die so many times since the beginning too
        if anything, rem has done more things than emilia

  • Albert Madej

    Pathetic. Good Episode but also pathetic… Idk what to say Rem made me cry , Subaru says that he loves Emilia,he is acting like a fuckin chicken of course i understand his state i understand that he dont want to hear when his bones are braking that he dont want to see when Rem,Ram and Emilia Dies… but he have such a fckin amazing power which helps him to return… and repair i understand Subaru he is so similar to me , hes just a normal person and he must only win with his own fear … i know that he can became empty when he will wont afraid death like Olgierd von Everec from witcher 3 hearts of stone….
    But Subaru come one move you ass and try till u dont end you will become with every one try stronger and smarter YOU ARE THE FUCKIN RULLER OF THIS GAME….!

    • Stazzy

      Rem is strong,after Subaru rejected him she kept smiling

    • Joseph Andrade

      tbh I didn’t really like this episode, I feel like they could have done something better instead of having them talk to each other for the whole episode.

  • RegularOtaku

    Oh boy was he wrong

  • Branko Trpkovski

    shit epsiode fuck

  • Albert Principe

    I got something on my eyes, DAMN ONIONS CUTTING NINJAS…

  • Jacek Walczak

    Ahhh the ship! It’s dead!!! It died and it’s deadly dead! Or maybe there is still hope? I don’t know anymore….

  • Freestylex

    The feels BibleThump

  • Souleaf

    Darn Onions everywhere. Also Subaru still choosing Emilia over Rem, boo! I mean I can deal with it but Subaru rejecting Rem to chase over a girl that rejected him still hurts.

    • TheKittycat

      Dont worry 😉

  • Jerome Timpug

    wtf !! wtf ? wtf !? wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf ????? that is what i felt when i watch this ep

  • Kratos

    [log 18] (presses play on recorder) “log 18, it seems again subaru is acting like a little pus-..Wait, somethings different, a change? Wait he building confidence, this may be the day he finally changes his weak pussy way..I’m actually getting a bit excited for whats to come..Stand by for more updates.” (clicks off button)

  • Normad

    what a dick. but thats what rem likes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • REM. IS. NUMBER. 1

    they are going to make ova with rem and subaru just watch probably where they run away because cmon guys.

    • Normad

      they’re gonna do something like clannad did then?

  • andinuad

    BibleThump BibleThump God damnit, the tears flew tonight.

  • Joseph Bolton

    when the prologue is 18 eps and we just get to episode 1 .-.

  • mario ramirez

    does anyone here read the light novels?

  • Zettai Zero

    Damn REM why must you destroy Subaru’s character development!! Just when he is a little step towards darkness and here you are spouting things resetting Subaru back to normal, you should have stayed quiet and become a sacrifice, and stepping stone for Subaru to succumb to darkness and become the bishop of pride!!!

    • TheKittycat

      Is the Pride thing even going to happen now?

      • Zettai Zero

        not yet but one thing i can say is that those hands that is stopping Subaru whenever he is trying to leak the information about his powers where in fact his ability that’s why he had a natural affinity to dark element.

  • ai

    This episode helped me realize how pointless I’m living because of how Subaru talks about his lazy past. How could he still love Emilia more than Rem, who loves Subaru this much?
    It’s romantic that Rem loves the Subaru that loves Emilia.
    I wish Subaru would have a better reason of loving Emilia more than Rem whos been with him for so much of his death.
    To love someone that you’re trying to save more than someone trying to save you..

  • AnimeFreak2957

    so… any word on when this site will air the ep 19?

    • TheKittycat

      Next week?

  • Zed Dahmer

    This is srsly wrong of you guys hating on him because he loves Emilia, he chosen her at the beginning, he was all in for Emilia all the time and now everyone hates him for not choosing other girl? How wrong is that, he wanted to run away with her to save her, ehh.

    • Kitestwinblades

      Agreed. Emilia was pretty much his drive for doing everything at the start. Throughout the story he ends up building relationships everyone(even the townfolks), but during each event, he tried his best to keep her from being involved in practically every disaster. Those two even had a similar scene like the one in this episode quite some time ago(back in the first season).

      Also, the story hasn’t ended yet. He could always still end up with Rem, or heck, maybe no one. While it would have been interesting for him to change his love interest, I still feel like this works since he has his spirit back. He was a reckless mess for the last few episodes, folks. Why not be happy that we’re back on track here? They can take a full episode for this recovery because it rekindles the feeling at the very end of episode 15. Now we’re finally in for some kind of comeback.

  • Professor Hakase

    Wait holy shit was that just the prologue? OMG.

  • minsu

    this episode seemed so short .
    now i must wait another week qwq .

  • FlippeR FlappeR

    all those 25 minutes, the only thing i can think of was “stop talking, just leave her alone if she does not want to go with you. you have done enough, she can die herself. just abandon her, you just need to enjoy your life from this point”

    and that ending? what?… but its like going back to what was always been… she has been helping you from the start and you both just die again and again.

    seriously he should’ve just run from the start and abandon rem after she rejects him. my view of rem just got significantly lowers. the story love to bash the MC until the MC himself bash his own self doesn’t help either. The mc done enough, he is not pussy or weakling like most hero wanna be MC and otaku here thinks. in fact at this point, if he actually able to do something then it must be because the story want to progress not because of his own self.

  • Rem4Ever

    Episode 19 is in exactly one week?

  • Kit

    Rem:i love you,subaru-kun
    Subaru:i love Emilia . . .

  • PerpetualSenpai~

    Just binge watched this and ill tell you what im not satisfied with his choice of a love interest after all that has happened

    • Tristan alexander

      The reason behind the choice was all in her speech. This is his return to form, this is his redemption. He’s finally done running away, pushing away the truth to live safe. If he had accepted her love he would be running away from truth, cowering behind the persona of himself he came to hate. Instead he decided to stop running and confront his truth head on. Signifying the end of his arrogance and the start of a new path, A start from zero.

      • Shisui the Teleporter

        why you gotta type and act like a dramatic narrator like calm down

        • Tristan alexander

          well considering the subject, I kinda felt I needed to.

  • PC Master Race

    He knows Rem lets herself get killed protecting him and is there every step of the way. Emilia is the more aloof but nice princess chick that he just had a crush on but no real in depth experiences with. He should definitely have chosen Rem and moved on. Anyway, Subaru is a weak piece of shit and I wish he’d perm die already so this show can end.

  • cizorj

    When you got to wait for the next episode

  • AnimeSandwich

    Dude Subaru is a SAVAGE!!!!!
    Rem: I Love you Subaru-kun!
    Subaru: I Love Emilia…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • Twist

    omg… he’s an idiot.

  • khoa quach

    Is this the last episode of this season 1

  • Michael Burdge

    gotta love how they can extend one conversation into an entire episode

    • Joseph Andrade

      OMG right, like wtf. it just feels like they are milking the show as much as they can, or just didn’t have time to do anything else.

  • Moonlytee

    This episode had me so emotional… Subaru– please just accept Rem.

  • David Hwang

    “subaru I love your fingers” LMAO

  • Brett Benischek

    Fucking asshole

  • Erok_Hasunoga

    whens the next episode coming out

  • hatin ass cat

    Seriously disliked this episode because they were in the same scene for like the entire episode ???

  • Notajealousmanbutfemaleslie

    Does emilia know about this contract?If so then wtf? Shes a complete bitch for letting herself get in any danger. Even for going to the slums. I could talk so much shit about this anime..but i dont want to god dammit. I fucking love this anime.BUT WHY DID THEY ADD THIS 25 MINS ON ANAL SCREAMING?!?! there was no need.

  • Duifromwaiheke .

    guys, what is the soundtrack that plays at approximately 17:35?

    • Duifromwaiheke .

      nvm, found it

  • Mystk


  • Darius

    “I love Emilia”
    Fuck you dude. Seriously. Fuck. You.
    I honestly do not understand how anime writers can be sooo good and sooo bad at the exact same damn time.

  • Trey miller henry

    Massive Spoiler!!!

    According to volume7 of the light novel Subaru is in love with Rem. YAY!!!

  • Wenglenn Soronio


  • Remuuu

    gonna watch this like thousand times til season 2 comes out

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