Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 15

  Title:  The Outside of Madness

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  • théo

    Fuck this cliffhanger ..

    • Jklw10

      i was too early to come here to watch this… the feels…

  • Euvarios

    Can someone for fck sake tell me why his head got cut off at the end? Wtf!? (This ending was epic, like it really had to end, but no…)

    • Stanime306

      i guess that massive wolf thing someone killed him

      • SomeCoolUsername

        My guess was that was Satella…and notice how she said “sleep along with my daughter” so that might mean Emilia is her daughter…

        • TT

          Nope. That “wolf” thing was Puck. In ep 6 they even joked about that Puck was Emilias father.

          • David Mera

            Where in episode 6 did they joke about that?

          • TT

            Arround 6:29.

        • Stanime306

          Maybe, but ‘Sleep’ implies that the daughter was dead. Emilia isn’t dead

          • Yes she is, she just died.

          • Stanime306

            Oh yeah your right. I was just thinking because Subaru comes back to life she isn’t really dead.

          • Its fine. The whole thing messes with my head a bit.

    • Bob

      That was puck m8, lil Bub went berzerk

    • Wishy the Star

      It’s Puck, if you look at the beast, it even has his ear ring. Also, Puck caused his first death in this episode. That was his ice powers, most likely his trump card. After Subaru dies, Puck tells him, “You’re too late.”

      • David Mera

        Oh okay so that’s who said “You’re late”

        It’s a lot more clear now lol

  • Erick Barreto

    Q episodio mais tenso mds

  • Azmuni Zakaria

    Did puck just went beast mode and killed Subaru but then those eyes from Subaru after resurrected. That’s a sign that Subaru gonna do something badass.

    • I saw those eyes and thought ” Shit’s about to go down.”

    • Wishy the Star

      Puck was the cause of his first death in this episode too. After Subaru dies, Puck says, “You’re too late.”

  • Bob

    Yo wtf!! This is the most goriest, feels wrecking, fucked up episode ever, my pulse just dropped after what that fucker did to Rem! Srsly, can’t take this shit anymore lulz

    • Orynix

      i cant take anymore rem deaths after this episode.sheesh

  • xiviochris1011

    lol a different site’s comment box is going crazy waiting for this episode

  • iAngryPain

    What, yo, i’m so mind fucked right now

  • Thecrazzykid

    Is this the end of the saris

    • Rex

      its a 25 ep series

      • Jklw10

        oh jeez oh boy… i need this

      • Thecrazzykid

        I knew kind of from a top ten list but the manga dosent continue from the last episodeand with the titles at the end I got confused but then he came back after I then forgot to delete that also I spelt seris wrong somehow.

  • After this episode I officially ship Rem and Subaru,although I kinda get the feeling that Rem is keeping her initial impressions of him rather than accepting his changes…
    God this episode has so much suffering,and fuck Betel-whats-his-face

  • Super Crawley

    I can’t wait till next episode I can’t tell Subaru is gonna wreck the cultists, with a hidden power of evil.

  • lilshrimp01

    Lol, my wifi is crap at the moment, so I have to pause the video at perfect intervals so it can load, but also so I don’t get caught up in a fight scene and it buffers. God, this is so enraging… please don’t spoil it for me while it loads please (>.<)/

  • clockwerk

    *spoiler warning SPOILER* Subaru starts to like rem. he gets the bishops power “unsen hands” and makes a contract with beatrice to become OP AS FUCK side note in a “what if” ch rem and subaru haves 2 kids

    • raidriar

      How do you know this?

      • raidriar

        And can you send me the link to the website you got all this info from

        • dra6o0n

          It’s probably based on a spin off series which is fan fiction.
          There is only 2 ‘EX’ light novels and that is EX 1 which is Felix and Cruach, and EX2 which is a young Wilhem and his wife.

    • Adam Fortier

      Seriously? A spoiler warning is fucking useless if it’s right beside practically 2 lines of text. If people wanted to know what happens, they would look up the synopsis of the novels (or read them). Fucking moron, honestly.

      Edit: Btw, I’m aware that the 2 kids aren’t in the actual story. The rest is legit and there’s absolutely no reason you had to post it out of nowhere. Grow a brain.

  • lilshrimp01

    For shits sake, don’t tell me this series has already ended

  • Furkan Şekerci

    WTF !?

  • Bilgisizbilge


  • hritam brahmachari

    best anime ever watched

  • RamonH

    Like the series, but this protagonist is such a baby. Dude you have the power to reset time to the perfect moment to fix everything. You’re basically immortal and always win. Stop crying, suck it up, figure out the problem and win. Geez.

    • Alan Gintoki Sakata

      found the pussy

    • john

      YAS!!Like there are so many times where i have been ‘bro just kill yourself’ like when emilia left him

    • Fang

      Although you are correct, and i did think the same thing initially, i think it is worth mentioning that he has gone through some tough shit. He has to wake up, watch his friends die in a new a horrid manner again and again, only to be brutally murdered (Which probably hurts a fuck-ton) and have to reset again. I think it would really affect a person in the long run, when you think about it.

      • Pokipopoo

        exactly what i was gonna say

  • Jawa12

    This is brutal

  • andinuad

    So let me get this straight: Subaru falls in love with Rem and loves her more than Emilia now, so that makes Emilia jealous and that causes her to torment Subaru in this tragic way?

    I.e. Emilia is really the jealous witch “Satella” and we are now seeing how she became jealous?

    • Snugeth

      Of course not. Honestly it would be great if Subaru could fall for Rem considering she’s best girl but that’s not going to happen. Best girl always loses. This is the ironclad rule of anime.

      • andinuad

        aw :/

    • Fang

      I think you’re over-analyzing it. I think the title of “Jealous” come from the full story of the witch (which we were only given a recap of or basic purposes). Also, Emilia never tormented Subaru to any extent (or at least that we know of). The cold was just puck’s Magic gone out of control, along with the ending. The big cat thing: its obviously Puck, from the ring on the ear to the voice and even referring to his”daughter”, which was what he referred to Emilia as previously.

  • Daniel Gifford


    • john

      Chill there are more episodes its a 25 ep series

      • MNPGames

        no season 2 then?

  • Arusha

    wtf was that ending.

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