Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 14

  Title:  Zetsubō to iu Yamai

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  • DarK Bull

    I’m so sorry for Rem and Subaru, I was expecting some things in this episode but not Rem to be dead. I think I’ve seen those daggers before, but I don’t know where.

    • Tsumiki Miniwa

      the same daggers from the time Ram lost her horns (when their village was attacked, ram & rem.)

    • Ayan sakura Blossom


    • ZombiekillerPL

      holy shit dude you shouldn’t have posted such a huge spolier in the comments, like FUCK I JUST SCROLLED FOR A SECOND DOWN WHEN SHE HUGGED INTO HIM ON THE BED

      • Superlad

        It’s really your own fault for looking at the comments before finishing the episode…

      • TehDemoNick

        Rule #1 of watching anime. Never go to the comment section before you are done with the episode.

      • hritam brahmachari

        i have done the same thing

  • Helix

    All I foresee is that if Subaru dies he would either come back on the 2nd morning of the capital before the meeting, during one of his days in the castle or most unlikely the night Rem leaves. Also I can’t see Rem out of the series just like when she first died,she would come back again but after one or two episodes

  • RamonH

    Time to undo a load of screw ups and save the day.

  • Arusha

    I wish Subaru wasn’t such a whiny bitch sometimes, I’m honestly losing hope in this anime, it’s gotten so boring and mundane! It’s slowly becoming more and more like the cliche it used to make fun of. It feels like I’m forcing myself to watch every episode, I don’t know if it gets any better but I guess I’ll stick through…

    • Tristan alexander

      yea same dude, but idk if i can stick through this cringy pedestrian drama drivel to get to the actual good shit.

    • tabascoman

      well, we can’t all be kirito…

  • Tristan alexander

    BUt ReInharts RIghT THo! The fight literally happened because you were a whiny bitch about being offended and then acted like a 3 year old for the rest of the time. (Which really out of character by the way)

  • Pokipopoo

    im starting to really hate subaru…

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