Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 13

  Title:  Jishō Kishi Natsuki Subaru

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  • carnivoruspnl

    almost ther 10 sec!

    • carnivoruspnl


  • Itachi

    Poor Subaru

  • shanedragonsteel

    hes so pathetic now

  • Daniel Gifford

    lol if i am subaru i would become evil kill all of the knights kill everyone in the city then ill torture emillia until she lost her mind hahaha

    • Tristan alexander

      …wtf dude, some sort of sadist or something?

    • Pokipopoo

      that wont be so easy if he cant beat 1 knight i doubt he can defeat every single one lol and emilia is awesome 😐

    • White Flame

      Thank you, another who thought the same thing xD
      This would be maddening to anyone, especially after all the deaths he experienced, surely he would train relentlessly into a fully fledged bad-ass and stop being such a fking baby.

  • SlimJim

    im pretty devastated by this episode and am actually completely lost for where the story might continue or if this is it

    • Zach Ricca

      Either RbD suicide to reset or something totally new… but the writer set up a conflict on purpose so that they can do something interesting. It hurt to watch, but I’m excited for what comes next.

  • Arusha

    Damn, Subaru is making a fool of himself… I feel so bad for Emilia!

    • Arusha

      I can’t believe he’s being such an idiot and blaming her for not understanding.

      • Zach Ricca

        It’s a little cringey at first, but the second half makes sense of it. Return by Death has heavily taxed his sanity, and he never had any self-restraint or understanding of the world in the first place. He’s a deeply flawed, deeply injured character. They’ve created a rut, and it’s always most exciting when a character has to find their way out. I expect either another suicide or something totally unique.

  • Aq_Only

    the way he laugth

    • Pokipopoo

      well its not that easy since he has to die to go back and dying isn’t painless and even if he does just kill himself who knows what will happen maybe he will go back all the way to when he first met rem and ram or maybe hell go back to an earlier time normally. He might even permanently die for all we know!

  • Tristan alexander

    literally one of the worst ive seen from subaru. Seriously, what happened to the kind excitable but calculative and intellectually complex character from the mansion arc? This is so cringy and out of character that is actually made me want to die. The drama is so forced and escalated for the dumbest reasons. I officially dub this episode “shit stain”.

  • Defenders of Tomorrow

    Wow. Subaru turned into a dick after his car company went bankrupt.

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